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Let’s face it: there are dark moments in the world of work. It’s hard to talk about them, let alone know what to do. We created this series together because we wanted to help shed light on how to manage difficult work situations, drawing from both our personal experiences and our consulting work for clients.

Once a month or so, we pick a topic that’s rarely talked about and deliver to your inbox our perspectives on what’s happening, and what you can do if you’re caught in the same situation.

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When You Don’t Have the Authority to Manage

Today’s workforce is more project-based. To achieve certain goals, you need to orchestrate multiple departments to work on different parts. For instance, a product manager needs to work with engineers, designers, data scientists to decide on product direction and feasibility; a salesperson needs to interact with product , customer success, finance and legal teams to […]


When You Feel Exhausted and Lonely At Work

Ryan Hoover created Product Hunt seven years ago as a side project. It started as an email newsletter and launched in a single tweet at Philz Coffee in San Francisco. Seven years later, Product Hunt has led to the discovery of over 100 million products across 50,000 companies, and is now a crucial part of […]


When You Can’t Bring Yourself to Terminate an Employee

Here we go again. You’re listening to yet another employee gripe about Joe. It’s become a pattern. Surely Joe can tell that his co-workers are avoiding him. Maybe it’s a bad cultural fit — you noticed that he’s barely doing the minimum these days. He keeps making mistakes, and you can’t trust his work anymore. […]


When Your Manager Storms Out of a Meeting

This is it: you’re finally in the room with your manager and senior leaders, presenting on a critical initiative you’re working on. You are sharing a recommendation that is controversial, but you believe is right. Things are tense. People are on edge. Stakes are high. The manager’s face is getting red. Before you know it, the […]