Executive Coaching

Whether you’re a founder, first-time CEO, a seasoned executive, or a new leader, you may be thinking:

  • How do I scale this business?
  • How do I transition from academia to business?
  • What skills do I need to continue to be relevant?
  • How do I go from being an individual contributor to leading a team?
  • I can’t clone myself, so how can I get comfortable delegating?
  • Whom should I hire and how?
  • What processes do I need to put in place?
  • Will I ever sleep again?


When I coach clients, I wear five hats:

  1. Coach – Many answers are somewhere in your head, so I’ll ask questions to bring them out.
  2. Mentor – I’ve coached many clients over the past 18 years. I may tell you how some resolved issues, and you can determine if that would help your situation.
  3. Teacher – Sometimes learning a tool will be what you need to provide better feedback, manage your time, or get the most out of your 1:1s with employees.
  4. Confidante – You may just need someone to vent to when you can’t talk to anyone else. Or perhaps you need a sounding board for your ideas.
  5. Therapist – When you’ve tried every tactic to change, but still find yourself stuck, we’ll dip into your psyche to break up the logjam.

Our meetings are confidential – they are a safe place for you to vent, explore issues, and test solutions. Each of my clients are unique, so coaching is customized to fit your needs and desired outcomes. It’s based on an hourly rate, no retainers or packages, so you can control the length of an engagement.

Lori Dernavich HR Services

Team & Organizational Coaching

In addition to Executive Coaching, I also provide:

  • Co-Founder Coaching – like marriage coaching, but for co-founders
  • Team Coaching and
  • Organizational Coaching
    • Check out my video on YouTube
    • To speed up and sustain leadership development as everyone learns the same tools and begins speaking the same leadership language. While individual meetings are confidential, organizational issues are often identified and can be addressed quickly.
  • Ask the Coach Sessions – Gather some co-workers, come prepared with leadership questions, and receive tactical answers you can begin implementing right away
  • Workshops:
    • Radical Candor/Providing Feedback
    • Judger/Learner Mindset
    • Active Listening
    • Work Styles & Motivating Your People
    • Interviewing Best Practices
  • 360 Assessments (interview-style)
  • Conflict Mediation
  • DISC Assessments and Debriefings

For more information, please give me a shout.