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I can’t imagine running the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) without Lori as my coach. Her business acumen, understanding of the biotech space, and emphasis on managing and developing talent—all bring out the best leader in me. Perhaps most importantly, Lori’s coaching of me directly makes ADDF a much better organization.
Mark Roithmayr, CEO, Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation

Lori is absolutely fantastic in more ways than his short testimonial will allow. She walked into our relationship already understanding the complexities of not just the drug discovery industry, but the intricacies of being a woman in an executive position, looking to support a rapidly expanding team in a complicated arena. Her energetic and engaging style is incredibly warm and comforting in the face of challenges, but also a firm hand in guiding engagement in the face of adversity. She taught me so much, challenged me where I needed it, and helped me build the tools and language of leadership. She was an utter joy to work with and I can’t recommend her enough.
Erin Davis, CTO, X-Chem Inc. 

Lori is a remarkable coach! She has helped me tremendously in my leadership journey, particularly in grasping how to capitalize on my own strengths. Lori guides by carefully listening, processing a lot of information, and then translating complex concepts into immediately actionable steps. She knows what to focus on and, importantly, provides ‘the how’ to do it! Lori has also been a true asset to the team, participating in project leadership workshops that she led.
Aleksey Gerasyuto, VP Drug Discovery, Head of Chemistry, Schrodinger

Working with Lori has enabled me to improve my personal performance and helped me address areas that made me uncomfortable, such as navigating difficult conversations.  As a result, I have been able to elevate my influence within and across our organization.  Lori is an excellent sounding-board that helps me in my journey to become a leader that positively impacts achieving strategic objectives and the company culture. Whether it is thinking through approaches to providing feedback, improving team performance, or communicating effectively across the organization, Lori reminds me to be “curious” which oftentimes leads down different paths to improved performance than anticipated.
Donna Romero, PhD, EVP Drug Discovery, ROME Therapeutics

Both as an executive coach and team coach, Lori has made a real impact on RenBio’s growth as a company.  As an executive coach, she has helped our leadership team navigate the crucial transitions involved as new positions are added and roles and responsibilities change.  She has also provided valuable insights into strategies for avoiding many common mistakes that can negatively impact company culture.  We have also brought her in for company-wide sessions focusing on tactics for maintaining positive workplace relationships and conflict avoidance.  Lori has been a trusted partner for a few years now, and I can’t imagine having gone through this time without her support.
Rachel Liberatore, President & CSO, RenBio

Lori is an exceptional coach. She gave me all the tools to succeed as a leader but with enough flexibility to use my authentic voice in applying those tools. Her knowledge and expertise in biotech has been invaluable in helping me to navigate some of the more specific issues that arise in an early-stage biotech including helping guide team members in the mindset shift from academia to industry, and how to balance the rush to get things done with the rigor needed in science and the grace needed to be a respected leader. It is not easy to build a company, and Lori has helped keep me grounded and thoughtful in how I show up for my team.
Ian Peikon, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Cajal Neuroscience

I find in each conversation with Lori that I come away learning something new that not only helps in my professional growth, but also my personal growth. Lori is a great listener and works to get to know her clients on a deeper level in order to provide the best possible toolbox for each specific person. I find this tailored, personalized approach enables you to become the best version of yourself. Further, this approach has had a ripple effect where I’m able to tailor my own approach with each person on my team in a way that is specific to what best serves them. At the end of the day, my job is to serve my team and Lori has helped me unlock a guided approach for each team member.
Robin Mansukhani, CEO, Deciduous Therapeutics

Lori is great at spotting the underlying psychology in interpersonal interactions and helping me understand my own dynamics. I appreciate her focus on biotechnology, because she understands the challenges and is able to make good recommendations and connections.
Martin Borch Jensen, Co-Founder & CSO, Gordian Biotechnology

Lori has been a super valuable and enormously helpful thought partner in effective communication, particularly challenges unique to a rapidly growing early-stage biotech. I have found her feedback framework very effective and easy to implement. She has enabled me to be an effective and strategic leader.
Liz Schwarzbach, Chief Business Officer, BigHat Biosciences

The progress I have seen with Lori’s help has been truly amazing! We have extraordinarily talented young scientists in our organization and, thanks to Lori, we are now well on our way to building a super high performing team. Lori’s style is perfect for a young organization: she quickly gets to the essence of a problem, and designs solutions that have a profound impact. She is by far the most effective executive coach I have ever worked with.
Nancy Thornberry, Founding CEO & Chair, Kallyope

Lori has exceptional listening skills and the ability to offer fresh perspectives. I’ve learned to adopt a mindset to instantly reframe challenges, sparking personal and professional breakthroughs. Her coaching has fueled my ability to overcome obstacles and chase my career aspirations. I’m truly grateful for her guidance
Aye Thu Chan, Senior Scientist, Kallyope

Lori’s experience with understanding the needs of scientists in their efforts to become better leaders makes her work with them exceptional. Because scientists are so data-driven, this often makes it difficult for them to accept the need to alter their behaviors. Lori understands the kind of information they will find acceptable and uses this to motivate them to try new ways of leading.
Norbert Schmeidler III, Senior Director Human Resources, Schrodinger

It was a wonderful journey working with Lori and being coached. She helped in many ways by providing coaching techniques and opening my eyes to new ways of thinking. Most importantly, she listened to me and understood me and my reasons. Thank you so much for everything.
Anita Ramasami Henriquez, CPA, Director, Budget & Financial Analysis, Zuckerman Institute

Getting communication right in a startup is crucial for productivity and growth, and speaking truth to one another while building mutual support and respect within our team are core values we wanted to nourish. We brought in Lori to facilitate a workshop to help us better understand each other’s work styles. She gave us a great feedback tool that makes difficult conversations a little less awkward while exhibiting care for everyone involved. We appreciated that Lori combined teaching with interactive exercises to help the ideas sink in. She is a delight to work with!
Charles J. Queenan III, CEO, Forkhead BioTherapeutics Inc.

Lori provided excellent advice to the founders of startups at the Endless Frontier Labs.  Many of our founders are trained at the highest levels in scientific fields, and are looking for guidance on communications, managing teams and nurturing business relationships—skills essential to succeed in business.  Lori organized workshops for our founders which succinctly distilled actionable tips on these aspects to our startups.  Additionally, Lori quickly adapted her material to the new circumstances and work environment brought upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic and provided essential guidance on how to manage work and teams more efficiently via the virtual medium.  We are grateful to Lori for her help with growing our brilliant founders further.
Deepak Hegde, Founding Director, Endless Frontier Labs

Lori is phenomenal. She is a high-integrity straight shooter who drives results. Lori communicates with class and will drill down core concepts in a way that is easy to understand and digest. She has helped me grow both personally and professionally as I’ve expanded my team. She knows the life sciences domain like the back of her hand and can gain instant credibility with individual contributors, senior leaders, and first-time managers. I found that her prior work experience as a recruiter and psychotherapist was particularly relevant. She’s also fun and has a great sense of humor. Two thumbs up for Lori!
Lee Golodny, Managing Director, Global Life Sciences Practice, ZRG Partners, LLC

Truly love working with Lori! When the pandemic upended how we work, Lori customized a Remote Working webinar that gave our scientific community tips to adapt their leadership skills quickly. Her presentation and content were clear, concise, and practical. Lori is also seen at LaunchLabs providing coaching and workshops to a number of our companies. She understands scientists, leaders, and what it takes to make them effective in business.
Agata Magalinskaya, Talent Management & Operations, Alexandria LaunchLabs NYC

Lori is an amazing developer of people. She is tough as nails with the people she coaches, but does it in a way where they don’t get defensive (or if they do, she breaks through to them). I’ve felt the impact of her work having been on the receiving side of her coaching many years ago and have since employed her to assess leaders / provide coaching in several of my portfolio companies.
She works with VCs that get the importance of people, so we’re producing startups that are great places to work and are highly effective, versus driven by overbearing CEOs that the teams want to kill.
Jason Henrichs, CEO, Alloy Labs Alliance

By quickly tapping into the character traits and values that define me as a person and leader, Lori guided me on a tailored coaching approach that was right for me. She became an ally in complex situations, grasping the issues with ease and advising me on developing and executing solutions. It’s rewarding to work closely with an advisor who has a deep passion for individual people and an acute business acumen.
Andrew Usuki, Former VP Sales & Biz Dev, Dover

You understand that VC and PE backed companies are often run by people who want to do things a bit differently, i.e. their way and quickly. As a result, you have a highly customised approach and one that is flexible to change as needs change. And you will challenge and deliver bad news when necessary, but also focus on ensuring the good remains.
Paul Aitken, Former CEO & Founder, Borro

Lori did a webinar for Insight Venture Partners’ portfolio executives. What struck me was the disconnect between executives say hiring the best talent is one of their greatest challenges and largest expenses, yet no time is spent training employees on how to conduct a decent interview. Candidates can interview for hours at a company, yet probably be asked the same poor questions repeatedly. I came out of there with a solid understanding of what makes a great interview question and how to establish a hiring process that gets solid results.
Rado Lipus, CEO, Neudata

I participated in a Personal Board of Advisors exercise that Lori facilitated for a colleague of mine. I kept thinking about the many people I know who would benefit from such feedback from their peers and friends and long-time confidants.  It is such a powerful tool, and in truth, we all tend to crash forward in our work without taking the time to assess what we do well and not-so-well.  Thanks for executing the event at such a high level.
Tim Christ, Principal, BuroHappold Engineering

She is a fixer! One of Lori’s greatest strengths is her keen insight and ability to quickly see the challenge and formulate a solution.She is an honest, no-nonsense, driven professional with high intelligence and quick wit. She has a gift for working with difficult people and getting them to make the changes both they and their companies need to succeed.
Shelley Hall, Managing Director, Catalytic Management

Lori’s interview training workshop was informative and timely. As we are looking to hire the best, she emphasized the importance of getting the interview process right and provided clear tips and techniques for how to approach this process. Employees walked away with the tools to make this happen and were focused on getting it right.
Kathy Tignor, Head of Human Resources, WisdomTree Investments